Tuesday, October 11, 2011

christopher kane spring 2012. dear diary...

teenage decor.
christopher kane spring 2012...

inspired by metallic notebook covers.

heat-sealed reflective flower motifs...
like a young teenage girl's stamp.

suggested high school uniforms.

inspired by wallpaper in a young girl's room.

more reflective flower motifs heat-sealed onto translucent fabrics.
inspired by schoolgirl 'sticker covered' notebooks...brilliant!

more amazing flower motifs.

inspired by glow-in-the-dark stars from a teenage girl's ceiling...
now glitter on as rhinestones on old jeans.

not so into the sandals, but it's CHRISTOPHER KANE!

cystal trellis beadwork.

the impasto crusting of crystals was an inspiration from a single fragment kane found in a flea market.


(source: vogue magazine)

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