Thursday, February 16, 2012

clothing as a warrior; clothing as protection.

woven leather, quilted fabrics and waffle-textured cotton, asymmetrical flounces at every hem of the Japanese inspired dresses, knotted black leather cords, silk embroidered birds, slouch pants, and chic baseball jackets all promising winter warmth.
proenza schouler fall 2012...

love the stitching of this pocket.

one of my favorite looks. Bhutanese national costume in the transformation of a reworked biker ensemble.

lots of antelope inspired bags and clutches.

again, another great and amazing radical biker sweatshirt.

metalic leathers, and such rad leather biker jackets.

everything is incredibly tailored.

more metalics, and woven leather strips. SO AWESOME.

beautiful leathers.

Edo armor inspiration.

asymmetrical hemlines. 

more great stitching onto textured fabrics.

samurai warrior uniforms; experimented woven leather, almost like a cage. 

super beautiful detailing.

more protective woven fabrics.

gorgeous. my favorite shoes in the whole collection.

a second favorite look. i LOVE this sweater.

the thing i love so much about Jack McCollough and Lazaro Hernandez is that they work incredibly hard. all of their collections involve intense woven fabrics of some sort. look at just how amazing this photo shows all of the vigorous details. 

another favorite look! i'm a sucker for black.

woven asian honeycomb motif inspiration.

love the zippers on the side. just beautiful.

i want this baseball inspired jacket. it's got SO much texture and volume! the embroidered birds are beautiful.

every detail, MAN.

i love the shoulders. 

more antelope fur. this skirt is absolutely beautiful. i can see the idea of a warrior or a swordsman. like metal links, this skirt gives the big picture of protection.

duck egg blue and asian landscapes.

more beautiful embroidered birds...this time peacocks.

love this skirt, too.

my favorite designers of all, p + s.

(source: vogue)

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