Tuesday, March 20, 2012

marveled by a Faberge' egg.

dark green quilted motorcycle jackets, squared off shoulders, cross-hatched pearls/embroidery, this is one tough crystalized bad girl...
balmain fall 2012...


the embroidery, the beadwork, the strong shoulders, the EVERYTHING takes my breath away!


so, so, so, so much work put into these pieces.

the leggings are amazing. not to mention, the matching embroidered shoes.

holy shit!

so cool.

one of my favorite looks.

you can definitely see the inspiration in this piece.

love, love, LOVE this.

i'm in love with the oversized tuxedo jackets. and with leather?! damn.

again, wow.

this is my favorite separate. this top is amazing!

i can't even imagine seeing this up close in person.

the velvet skirt is definitely the center of attention in this look. 

immaculate detailing!

olivier rousteing.

ALWAYS one of my favorite designers.

(source: vogue)

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