Saturday, March 24, 2012

the modern folk.

super-fine napa leather with seams of intricate silk macrame handwork, smocking details that emphasize shoulders, silver embroidery on filigree lace, all leather jumpsuits, tango shoes, and romantic capes/culottes with soft sheer white shirts.
valentino fall 2012...

such a great coat.

soft and elegant.

amazing seams. front-to-back.

i'm in love with this leather trench coat.

beautiful, beautiful embroidery. again, front-to-back.

every pleat is sewn to a T.

the buttoned cuff is impeccable. 

love this front leather detailing.

the scalloped neckline and waistline darts give this dress its beauty. not just the color.

more scalloping, and more pleats. so pretty.

even in the back!

this dress is amazing. so much detail.

wow. it's really beautiful. i like the studded clutch as her accessory, too.

smock sleeves really make this dress romantic.

more smock sleeves.

i'm a sucker for capes. this look is rad, and sharp.

love the black fur on black.

really pretty.

silver embroidery on lace...gorgeous.

more silver embroideries.

i like how the bags are still elegant, even with the studs.

so so pretty.

very poetic and romantic.

more great detailing!

so gorgeous.

GORGEOUS. the embroidery on this dress is breathtaking.

i'm a sucker for beadwork and prints. this is my favorite look in the collection.

look at all of that beadwork!


(source: vogue)

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