Tuesday, March 20, 2012

treating the 70's-the 90's to an upgrade.

pannier shoulder bags attached on abstract guitar straps, fabrics that have shape but are weightless and unpressed, voluminous skirts and squared shoulders, elaborate dresses with gold lame' breastplates, graphic patterned bustier dresses, and deep-banded hems.
balenciaga fall 2012...

so rad.

this skirt is amazing!

love these shoes.

i LOVE these.

this dress is gorgeous underneath this oversized coat. AND the gloves!

in love with this jacket.

so awesome! the print looks embossed. 

a-line skirts that have so much shape.

another really cool jacket.

more gold lame' breastplates.

one of my favorite separates. this sweater is intricate.

another incredible sweater. wow.

squared shoulders, voluminous shape, rad shoes...love this look.

even the graphic sweaters have strong shape in the sleeves.

another favorite look. really cool!

i want these!

michael pitt's lady!


my favorite collection for fall 2012!

(source: vogue)

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