Wednesday, May 16, 2012

i spy nay.

tid bits of my place and friends...
my newest ring.

i dry off with this.

i wasn't lying when i said that i LOVE decorating the inside of my refrigerator!
you betcha there's milk in that pitcher :)

two of my best friends.

what i see when i look outside of my window.

local honey lavender ice cream. yummy in my tummy!

haha. natalia and i got real inspired by a book in anthropologie one day. 
we decided to decorate our refrigerators with 'natural looking' pastel eggs. you're looking at dusty rose in the process here.

i thought brown eggs would be so pretty. they turned out handsome-drabby, not pretty.
we learned that we should just stick to dying with white eggs.

my results.

some of her's.

(source: personal photos)

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