Wednesday, August 8, 2012

over the weekend.

while i got to babysit one of the world's cutest dogs, i also got to finally watch some movies that have been on my 'movies to see' list for quite some time now. 

american pyscho.


grey gardens
such a sad story about young edie's youth, but such a heartfelt ending.
drew barrymore was absolutely perfect.


and one that i've seen one too many times inside the theatre and out (my favorite movie of 2010). this movie really hits home with me. especially, about how one grew up depicting what love is and what isn't love. learning to not overlook these details. also, hal reminds me of the days when my grandpa tommy suffered cancer under hospice in my parent's house. 


best part of my weekend, though...
miel! (she's like a cute little muppet)

(source: beginnersamerican psychogrey gardens, personal photo)

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