Monday, December 10, 2012

Can't get enough!

We SCHOOLED Toronto tonight!
I've decided that sitting in the 100 section is the BEST seat in the house!
So. Me and T-bag (Tony) went to watch Lindsay do her thang...

Spotted. L waiting for her spotlight.

Oh, L, you're not the only one waiting.

You are such a thief.

Caught some babe head bangin' dance moves!

Lots of fire. Shakin' heads!

Before this, there was a fight between Amir Johnson and the ref. He threw his mouthpiece at him!
Best game ever!

Sweet friends.

MY FAVORITE! The clip of Godzilla was almost a repetitive 6 minutes long!
Couldn't stop laughing with T-bag and the guy next to him (who LOVED Tony, and couldn't take his eyes off of him)! Brotha 4 brotha.

111 was the seat in da HOUSE! 

Miley Ray Cyrus's 'Party in the USA' was played mulitiple times tonight, too-AMERICA!

I was caught on the Trail Blazers big screen again...This time, the camera laid eyes on my sign for Lindsay for a good 3-4 minutes! Lots of big smiles from everyone walking up the aisle nearby.
There was definitely more cheesy stuff on the court and on the screen tonight than the other games...I really hope that they keep it up!

(source: personal shitty photos, Miley Ray Cyrus, Trail Blazers vs. Toronto Raptors)

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