Saturday, December 1, 2012

REAL fresh. Real PHYNE.

My favorite fragrances at the moment (perfect for Christmas, and both steer on the natural side)...

Barr-Co. is made in St. Louis, MO (the suburb, Brentwood)...can't get cooler than that! 
All of my late teenage years, I practically lived in St. Louis. Feels good to represent, and to support something SO good! I love this Cedar Berry lotion (Plus, it comes in a glass pump +1).

West Third Brand is located in Palm Springs, CA. This is my FAVORITE scent at the moment! 
Tobacco 1812 feels like holidays and nostalgia upon my's definitely my favorite tonic out of their entire selection. 

Feelin' soft, feelin' fresh.
Living in America.

(source: personal photos, westthirdbrandBarr-Co.)

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