Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Ornament Exchange.

My work had an ornament exchange this year, rather than a 'Secret Santa.'
1st thing that came to mind, was macaroni noodles! While everyone else (it's a small bunch..5 of us)
went out and purchased decorative ornaments, I took full advantage of the situation.
Let me just say, I'm REAL REAL proud! My 1st stop was Ace Hotel for a disgusting photo in their photo booth. Secondly, kids felt and pom-pom crafts. I made sure to disguise the noodles, but they're definitely there! Lastly, I made sure to put a large paper clip at the top as a hook. (You can't tell from far away, but I made major buck teeth). Not to worry, I have an actual gift on the side to go along with this prank. I'm anxious to see everyone's reactions tonight!

Like I said, PROUD.

(source: personal photos, Ace Hotel Photo Booth, Cheesy/Tacky Ornaments)

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