Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Pacific NW part II.

Stumbled upon some photos that I hadn't posted from last summer during the twerps visit in September. Harry was the main man/photographer during their that entailed getting me to take photos with Boone like I was his G.F. (to show to his parents). Haha, what even. He told his co-workers that I was his G.F., and that when he asked me to marry him, I said no. This was all a prank to get everyone to feel happy/sorry for him. Don't know why I went with it? PFFFfffff...

People taking photos of people taking photos.

Capturing people taking photos of people.

Came upon these close-ups of black babes that Harry and Boone were checking out.

Apparently, the lil' butt-faces took random photos of gals they considered honeys.
Ain't gonna lie, she's a black beauty!

Harris making us pose like a couple to lie to Boone's work/mom.

Abe was even at the Crown Vista House taking a vacation!

Poor Harry. He was a good sport during the hikes, haha.

Little buttholes. Been friends all of my life practically. My twinny and I's best friends.

Brotha and Sista.

Annoyed with this butthole.


Cannon Beach.

This time we weren't even trying to pose like a couple. Harris got lucky :)

Rose Garden.

Look at these nerds.

Getting hillbilly.

Huckleberry Finn foreal!

Harry making us pose like a couple again. Ridic.

It looks like Harry's peeing, and I'm holding mine in!

Taking it all in.

Post Alley.

Cannon Beach again.

(source: personal photos)

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