Monday, January 28, 2013

Some new and some old favorites.

1. Mistral Nectarine Mint soap sounds like an odd combination, but it's refreshing! 

2. I went back to my old scent Tocca's Bianca. I've always been such a fan of it...hints of lavender, bergamot, jasmine, green tea, rose petals, and sugar.

3. Colorado's Ranch Organics Rose Geranium soap from Anthropologie smells heavenly, and it's the perfect size...Gave it to my buddy Shay-Shay.

4. Eden has the best jewelry...I swear! I came across this local designer's adjustable ring the other day. It's not an emerald, but I love it. 

5. I gave in, and started wearing a sheer tinted moisturizer for the 1st time in many years (Since dance!). As I've aged, I've noticed some uneven skin tone...Nars Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer feels so light! Plus, it's preventative :) Don't worry, I'm still layering Kiehls underneath it!

In love with home-made quinoa bowls made with loads of garlic and avocado! Been eating them just about every single day. I prefer my bowls with home-made chili, Annie's sweet & spicy bbq sauce, Daiya cheddar cheese,  fresh spinach, and then, of course, these 3 key ingredients above. Yummy-in-my-tummy!

And always...Japanther! This song has been playing in my ipod pretty darn often.

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