Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Inside Christopher Kane's brain.

This time around, it's all about brain waves. From kilt buckles, camouflage prints, feathers edging every pleat, to velvets with loop laces, and even big fox furs. This is definitely the extraordinary work and the brilliant mind of 30 year old Christopher Kane.

Christopher Kane Fall 2013...
Big blue kilt buckles add great detail to the oversized jackets and kilts.

Fox fur trim.

Love this jacket, and the boots.

Simple, but edgy.

Such a rad clutch.

Love this look.

One of my favorite looks. So much hints of his Scottish roots in this collection.

Amazing! I want these.

Lace loop detailing.

Crazy good.

So much intricate detailing.

So pretty.

My favorite look of all. I'm a big sucker for deep velvets.

Such an awesome and gorgeous look.

Fucking rad. Another favorite.

Plastic neck accessories.

Again, such great detailing.

Feathers sewn on every single knife pleat edge. 

If you get a chance, you should watch these feathered looks go down the runway in this video.
The photos just don't do them justice.

So pretty.

This look is amazing.

Velvet detailing.

Love these. 

Stunningly crazy.

This look, along with the other beaded dresses, were dazzling the runway in this video.

Another favorite look.


The detailing...I can't, wow.

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