Sunday, March 3, 2013

Back then.

I miss the 90's more than anything. Growing into my 30's, I've learned to embrace my most favorite nostalgic periods of my life from then. Yes, the past is the past...but the past is my life, and it's here with me today. When I think about my most favorite moments as a child growing up in the 90's, the one thing that comes to mind is the music that I related with. 
The other night, I watched old live performances of past favorite bands. Most of the videos embarked some spring grunge inspiration (definitely bringing back the flannels with backwards baseball caps...and of course, all worn with a pair of Doc's). Also, I almost forgot who my celebrity crush was when I was a 6th grader. Reminiscing over Bush has brought Gavin Rossdale back up to my ultimate celebrity crush. Hands down...


On the topic of past favorite bands...I could list too many to mention. But I've got to mention Weezer for now. Mainly, because they were my 1st concert as a kid, and mostly because their earlier albums are just SO GOOD (My favorite is Pinkerton). When I think of Weezer, I think of my best friend, Pete (Pee-Pee). Almost every year in Columbia, MO, Pete, along with other friends, played Weezer cover songs for "Halloweezer." I also think back to the times when I would stay the night with my friend, Sasha Ellis, as a kid...we'd go down to the basement of her house (her older brother, Josh's, room), and listen to his Weezer albums while he was away. Weezer reminds me of my good friend, Pete, and my little crush for my buddy's older brother, Josh. 

Pete at one of the "Halloweezer" events.

Love this dude. Gonna miss him and Shelly when they move away from Seattle.

Typical Pete. Party loving animal/skank.

Middle School 7th grade.

Middle School 1996?

Halloween 1996?

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