Friday, March 15, 2013

Underneath it all, there's even more beauty.

Inspired by peeling paint...Hussein Chalayan's laser-cut prints conveyed these elements.

Chalayan Fall 2013...
I LOVE and want these shoes! This collection is all about the amazing shoes to go with the 2-for-one looks.

These, too, are amazing velvet shoes!

Fucking rad.

One of my favorite looks. Minimal, classic, textured, sexy, and tomboyish.

So crazy good.

Amazing shoes!

Another favorite look. This one completely captures the idea of paint being peeled back. The textures in the fabrics are out of this world. Gorgeous!

Again, loving his textures.

So beautiful, and polished..even with the paint peeling effect. 

Oversized cuffs on denim trousers.

This jacket's stitching is so good. A sleek look that's versatile for day and night.

I'm in love with all of his shoes. Beautiful.

Oversized sweaters. 

More exaggerated trouser denim.

Love his details on all of his jackets.

Peplum pocket detailing. Amazing prints.

So pretty.

His shoes....fuck. They're so great!


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