Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Just like back-to-school days.

I know this blog is turning into straight up vanity. BUT I have to post up some of my new thrift store treasures! I can guarantee you that there won't be too much more shitty Macbook Pro photos of myself in the near future. Just like I always did in the past as a kid...I'm picking out my clothes for tomorrow.

My dearest friend scored me this rad Mickey Mouse baseball cap.

I scored this Ralph Lauren navy trenchcoat at Portland's Rock & Rose Vintage Clothing last week.
I've gotta say, it's my favorite recent piece in my closet so far.

Now for inspiration...

AIGHT. I'm ready.

(Source: Vintage Ralph Lauren, Shitty Macbook Pro Photo Booth Photos/Vanity, 90's Mickey Mouse, Doc Martens Langston, Rock & Rose Vintage Clothing, Ghost Town DJ's, Aaliyah)

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