Sunday, February 23, 2014

To my mother:

Mama Cindy, I love you every day. 

Every morning as soon as I wake up, I remind myself of how beautiful you are for giving me this life that I'm living. Every afternoon before I eat my lunch, I think about how you would want me to say "Grace," beforehand. Every night, when I brush my teeth, I see you in myself when I look at my reflection...I remind myself that I'm amazing, because you're evidently in me. You and Daddy are my everything. Every breath I take, I have you to thank for...every laugh, every smile, every interaction...I have you to thank for. Every time someone makes me feel amazing, and every time someone hurts my heart...I have you to thank for, and for preparations of these sorts of things. I look at others around me, and I thank the world and everyone in it for supplying me with the most special mother anyone could ever ask for. Your heart is so gorgeous, and I have you to thank for mine. I feel your presence with me everywhere I go, and I know that others do, too. You're my true gift in this world. You and Daddy. I thank this world so much for you both. I thank it so much throughout the day, I thank it so much too often...I love you. I see you in me every day. I see big things coming my way, because I carry a heart like your's. I know I say it a lot, but thank you for my life today, tomorrow, and for more days to come.

I love you!

(Source: Personal Letter Written To My Mother)

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