Friday, August 17, 2012

when i go under, under.

decided to venture out on my days off to pennisula park.
went for a swim in the outdoor pool (it has been so many years since i last went for a swim outside!), and afterwards came to this fountain...

i think these kids were totally peein' on the fountain. 

the roses were all in bloom.

lil' ballers!

1st time to visit pennisula park, and it was heaven on a hot day. the pool, the fountain, the scenery.


got to spend one of my days off with my cutest little buddy, jennybear, here.


i even got a thoughtful card and gift, on my day back to work, from my favorite pup, miel.
talk about the suuuuuhweeetest dog ever! she wrote me a thank you.

best two summer days off ever. 

(source: personal photos from phone, pleasure p lyrics)

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