Wednesday, September 5, 2012

the pacific nw.

this last week i had some ol' pals (all the way back from pre-school!) come to visit me for a week.
i got to pretend like i was a tourist in oregon all over again :)

historic highway towards the gorge...

vista house.

off of historic hwy...

multnomah falls...

hiked back behind multnomah falls.

horsetail falls...

i think this fall looks like hershey squirts shooting straight outta two butt-cheeks!

the rose gardens...

we headed to both the rose and japanese gardens right after i got off of work.
this is a true beauty.

a bee in the act.

melancholia? close.

here we are walking (to the right).

the japanese gardens...

(poor phone photo).


we literally walked the entire city.

summer in america.

visited post alley's gum wall.

this one's for natalia...natalie off duty!

cannon beach...

i wish i had also taken pics of our food...anyways, this definitely was an eventful trip!

(source: personal photos)

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