Monday, November 19, 2012

One last night.

Beating the Bulls and hearing PSY's Gangnam Style multiple times throughout the night...
was the BEST possible way to say goodbye and congratulations, in my opinion. Nailed it!

The whole gang :)

I think my highlight of the night (Although, it would have been the Godzilla stompin' to 'We Will Rock You,' had it been on the screens!) was the inflatable Trail Blazers mascots dancing ridiculously on the basketball court. Toooooooooo good to be true! Also, having Jesse Eisenberg attend the game was pretty suuuhweet. 

And if only...if only I had taken a few photos of our homemade signs that gave major shout-outs to our  ultimate Blazers dancer babe, Lindsay. 

I'll miss you. Godspeed.

(source: personal photos, PSY gangnam style)

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