Thursday, November 15, 2012

Thai kickboxing.

Growing up as a little girl, my daddy always told me that I had it so good. The stories of his past, even if they were tid bits, were heart-wrenching to hear sometimes.

My father is from Nakhon Pathom, Thailand. He grew up poor, and was the youngest of his large family. He didn't have a real relationship with his father, because by the time he was born after his siblings...his father was nearly 60 years old. 

My daddy often told me about the water buffalo, ox, and elephants that helped him and his family crop their rice patties. He often talked about how his family was too poor to purchase him proper shoes to wear on his walks to school. He told me about his shoes being real sole, broken, and painful. His family had all of their groceries/necessities right in their backyard. 

He also shared his passion for kickboxing, as well as the Buddhism culture. He was a kickboxer early on, and shortly a monk later. Traditionally, young boys become monks before becoming adults, to honor their parents...but he was sent away to a boarding school as a young boy. He had to honor his parents later on down the road. I remember seeing photos of him fighting, and photos of him in his burnt orange monk uniform as a handsome, young man. He came to the states with nothing, and wanted to make his parents proud. He and my mother are my true heroes. 

After seeing this trailer, I hope that it's not a similar story to my father's. There's a lot of things about his past life that he doesn't share...but I do know that he lived such a hard life at such a young age. This movie looks both inspiring and extremely controversial. The bringing up of boxing into the youth seems disturbing, but I really want to see this...

(source: buffalo girls)

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