Friday, December 14, 2012

Shout outs!

Lately, I've really been feelin' a lot of love around me.
These things make me entirely happy...

Getting a homemade stocking with goodies...
PLUS a present all from Shay-Shay for Christmas morning!

Da'Shon's nosey.

I spy a little black man pet!

This Whipped Cream & Pear candle from Anthro (The BEST scent!). 

Getting text messages that contain scenes from one of my favorite Christmas 
movies (Four Christmases), 
from Tiffers...because she knows I'm saving this for Christmas day!

Getting personal mixtapes from Ian for my trip :)
('I'm going LOCO, I'm going LOCO...I'm going 1-2-3-4 LOCO!')

My sign from the previous game that made it on the jumbo. 

Fallin' for movie stars like Mario. (Dippin' in the honey jar).

And then this...

Attending home games and winning every time I'm there!
Also being treated to Thai Peacock tonight (yummy-in-my-tummy). Khob khun mak ka!

Damian Lillard was on FIRE tonight! T-bag and I even got on the jumbo TWICE! We managed to get some good poses in. There was even clips from my favorite SNL skit, "What's Up With Dat?!" Lot's of cussin' around us, and lots of rowdy fans. So good! The games just keep on getting more and more fun. 

(source: personal photos, Thai Babe Mario Maurer)

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