Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Soda Fountains.

Last night for NYE, my best buddy, Natalia, was my gentleman for the night.
She took us to Sizzle Pie where the fun soon began with.............SODA! 
The thought of having a drink crossed our minds, but soda just seemed more rebellious! It's been years upon years (minus natural ginger ale) since we both have had a soda beverage. 
We stood at the soda fountain for a good ten minutes hitting up each kind of sugar high beverage. We dispensed one after another into our cups, dumped the remains, then kept trying other/same ones over again. By the time we had our little taste testing (which was A LOT), we settled on Mr. Pibb. While eating our Vegan Angels of Doom slices, we had an average homeless bum watching us from the outside window. He began brushing his teeth, stared at us while doing so, winked, AND smiled. I flipped him off after he unsettled our stomachs with his continuous brushing/ had been like 20 minutes, NO JOKE! After so much false hope of him leaving, he finally did. We walked to the movie theatre excited about seeing Django Unchained! On the way there, we got called Angels/Beautiful, and felt our hearts racing from the soda burning in our tummy's! Talk about feelin' it hard! We most certainly felt it, and the love going around, too! At the theatre, Natalia won a FREE SODA for the night! After the movie, we had some chamomile tea time, coconut milk ice cream, and some good ol' Gossip Girl. Damn, it felt good. Even got to talk to our brother David on speaker phone...he said 'Noel' a lot. I love my best friend so much!

My favorite Christmas gifts! Natalia got me my fav, fav, favorite Cedar Berry essentials. Shay got me (my new favorite) Smith's Minted Rose lip balm, Cedar Berry bar soap (lovin' it so much), and my favorite local Smith tea.


With all of the soda that we drank, we both ended up staying up super late into the morning cleaning/organizing our skincare products. I was so wired! 



New Year's Day and this little guy is starting it out LAZY, while we clean at our apartments.


Django Unchained was definitely my favorite film for 2012. Of course, I have a huge crush on Christoph Waltz (He's such a sexy older babe), but he's such a brilliant actor. Every character he plays... his roles are just so believable. In Django Unchained, he was honest and fast to the punch. Lots of emotions grew, as well as attachments to the main characters, during the film. There were parts where I was smiling from heartfelt moments, laughing during the KKK raid, and uncontrollably crying softly to scenes that involved Broomhilda. Quentin Tarantino definitely didn't hold back from portraying the brutality of slavery. The gruesome truth about slavery...he most certainly didn't blind us with. It was all there in this film. Even if the Mandingo fighting is an exaggeration concerning slavery, Tarantino's blaxploitation involving such fighting was as gruesome as it gets. Punishment towards slaves in the film were mostly hard to watch, but definitely something sad for the human eye to witness. It was a beautiful film. Django Unchained had such an amazing soundtrack, scenic horse ride views, and such an excellent cast. It was huge a winner with me. 

To sum it all up, we both decided to NEVER drink soda again.

(source: personal photos, bonatalia instagramDjango Unchained)

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