Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Wildfox Spring 2013..."As IF!"

From skirt suits, to gym-class attire (even sports bras)! The entire lookbook is an exceptional recreation of the movie Clueless. Let's not forget Cher's house, Jeep, and her gal pal Tai's Marvin the Martian sketches. It's exciting to see a remake of one of my most favorite movies, but all in a lookbook. Clueless was definitely up there for me when it came to fashion inspiration as a kid. I remember my sister and I wearing knee socks with patent mary janes/platform patent leather converse all-star shoes. I can recall the days when I wore a sweater vest over a button-up shirt, a plaid pleated skirt, and nylon knee socks every day of the week. Tai's metallic silver combat boots were my favorite. This era was definitely my most favorite of all the eras (especially, while leaving behind 5th grade). Even now, this movie is STILL an inspiration/influence to my style.

A Clueless joyride!...

I'm outie.

(source: Wildfox)

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